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Kathleen Dickerson Smith
"For this reason a man will leave his father and his mother . . . ."
~ Genesis 2:24.
My dear sweet wife was
born Kathleen Dickerson on
January 14, 1960 in Port
Arthur, Texas.  Her father
was Robert Leroy
Dickerson, and her mother
was Elizabeth Melvina
Stokes Dickerson.
To your left is Kathleen in
her mother's lap.  Below is
Elizabeth, her mother.
Click here to see Kathleen
grow up.
Margaret Kathleen
and Norman Ezell
Stokes, to the left.
Margaret Kathleen was the
daughter of Roy and Mamie Goff,
pictured to your right.
This is a picture of
Kathleen Dickerson at one year old.
 All of her daughters looked like
this at one point.
Kathleen grows up.
Norman Ezell Stokes was
the great grandson of
Araminta Ballard McGuire
Seale, who our oldest
daughter played in the
What Better Dignity.
Kathleen graduates.
Kathleen gets married.